Scalability is a measure of the ability of a software system to handle more transaction per seconds.  Scalability is related to throughput but is not the same.  Scalability allows an increase in throughput when additional resources are added to the system.  Resources may include CPU, disk, network capacity or even Customer Service Representatives.

DMS Software has extensive experience enhancing scalability in the UNIX environment.  We recently worked with a Telecom client to increase the scalability of a Text Messaging gateway.  The gateway was functionally fine but was overloaded.  By reorganizing the software architecture, DMS Software was able to create a gateway that is hardware scalable.  As more messages come to the gateway, the client can now add more machines to handle the load.  In theory, this model is infinitely scalable.  The key point is that our client will not have to re-architect the software again thus increasing ROI on the product.

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