SDLC Refinements

DMS Software can help your team create, document, socialize and implement a practical Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).  Most medium and large firms have an SDLC policy but likely don’’t follow it due to time pressure and staff apathy.  We can help your team focus on the pieces that increase quality while having less impact on time to market.

A custom SDLC is required for each shop since there are already embedded policies and methods, even if informal.  By starting with the current standards, your team can gradually move to a more formal and enforced SDLC.  A gradual move is required to avoid disruption of current and near term projects.

Our philosophy is that process must complement creativity.  The SDLC is the process that turns your team’s creativity into revenue.  Too little process results in chaos, deadlines are missed and revenue decreases.  With too much process, nothing ever gets done and again revenues decrease.  DMS Software get help your team find the right balance between process and creativity.

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