Leak Check

When a memory block is leaked, a process can’t reuse the memory. The process will eat up more and more memory until it exhausts the operating system resources and crashes. Meanwhile, by hogging the physical memory of the UNIX box, a process can cause all processes to “thrash”— to run slower and slower.

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Solve this complex problem quickly
Leak Check finds memory leaks quickly and easily, in programming, testing, or production phases. By solving this complex problem, it instantly improves software quality.

  • No recompile needed, easiest tool on the market
  • Linux, Solaris and HP-UX supported
  • Pinpoint dangerous heap-corruption issues
  • Discover buffer overflows, a security hole
  • Check for defects in code developed by 3rd parties

Finding leaks quickly saves big money
Detecting memory leaks early saves time and support costs, including potentially enormous contract penalties. Our customers have reported a complete return-on-investment within just a few weeks.

Build customer confidence in your software
Nothing undermines customer relationships like delivering poor quality software.

Leak Check is the powerful tool you need to build your reputation as #1 in quality, and keep your customers coming back.

Mind your own business!

Memory Minder® is a heap profiler.  By tracking the use of dynamic memory, Memory Minder measures and reports on memory usage within programs.  The reporting does not  require recompilation or relinking of programs.

While modern UNIX allows use of virtual memory, machine performance will suffer dramatically if multiple processors use large amounts of physical memory. Memory Minder discovers issues associated with an overtaxed heap that lead to reduced performance. Memory Minder is particularly useful for memory constrained environments.

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