Latency is the responsiveness of a software system across a single transaction. For example, 1 transaction in 1 millisecond.  Latency contrasts with Throughput. Throughput is the overall rate of transactions through a system i.e. 1000 transaction in 1 second.  Many systems need to have low latency and high throughput.  This is a difficult goal and takes hard thinking.

Our Architects have worked in the Finance sector on the difficult and hot topic of latency.  Latency on financial transactions is often measured in microseconds and is trending toward nanoseconds.  We were recently engaged to help a Fortune 500 company reduce latency on a critical project.

Working with our client’s talented staff, our Architects we able to decrease latency from 200 microseconds to 27 microseconds per transaction.  The client saw immediate and large ROI once this technology was fielded.

The difference on this project was DMS Software Architects deep experience in the area of latency in the Linux environment.

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