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The software products in Dynamic Suite take on one of the toughest challenges—runtime defects—defects that become apparent not in development or testing, but when software is running. When these defects make it into production software, the costs are just too high. Companies lose a huge amount of programmer time, contract penalty fees, and worst of all, customer satisfaction.

The new technology for effective debugging
Dynamic Suite is a powerful set of tools that can catch defects early in the development cycle, in testing, and in production. With advanced capabilities, it solves problems in a day, not a month. It finds errors not at compile or link time, but at runtime, and deploys runtime debuggers directly on production executables. That eliminates the huge performance slowdowns that can occur with other runtime debuggers. In many cases, the products in Dynamic Suite can pinpoint defects with only the executable, no source code or object modules required. When source code and object modules are available, Dynamic Suite can detect and pinpoint even more defects.

Learn more about the four products in Dynamic Suite
They add up to full protection against software bugs:

  • Leak Check — quickly detect memory leaks
  • Code Coverage — find untested lines in your source code
  • Profile — simple performance analysis
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