Code Coverage

Code Coverage identifies untested portions of your source code, so your team can focus attention on those undiscovered areas, and improve your software quality immediately.

Code Coverage is radically different from other software testing tools.

  • Through an innovative strategy, runtime instrumentation gathers coverage information
  • Code Coverage measures all function in the process, not just a single module
  • Measures 3rd party code
  • Does not require any recompile, so is easiest to use

We give you a roadmap.
Code Coverage builds a detailed coverage analysis, covering every function, line, decision, and branch. Coverage files from subsequent multiple runs get added in. You can look at the information you gather in a variety of ways. And you can annotate each source file with function, line, decision, and branch information.

Know more about your software at every point in its lifecycle.

  • Development—use Code Coverage for unit testing
  • Testing—measure test suite effectiveness. Then with the wealth of information gathered, develop strategies to make sure all of your software is tested before it makes it to your customers.
  • Pre-production—identify which modules are of most interest to a particular customer
  • Production— For software your customers are already using, focus testing on the modules they’re actively using.

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