DMS Software operates in many industries. As a general software development shop we are comfortable working in any vertical market.  We do specialize in several areas however.


The Finance industry is ever more dependent on software to generate profits.  Algorithmic trading depends on low latency, high performance and high quality software.  A difference is software can literally mean the difference in huge profits or equally huge losses.

DMS Software specializes in low latency, high performance software.  Our software runs in some of the world’s most critical financial applications.  We have specialization in the following key areas:

  • Low Latency Linux software
  • FIX protocol and other exchange protocols
  • Exchange connectivity
  • Internal Auditing and SEC compliance


As the Healthcare industry modernizes, IT systems are ever more critical in delivering affordable quality care. DMS Software has worked with a variety of companies in the industry in the following areas:

  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act compliance
  • Electronic Insurance filing


The massive USA defense budget has a large IT component.  DMS Software works as an on-shore (sub) contractor for defense projects.  We have been involved in several interesting projects including:

  • Modern warships
  • Ariel surveillance

If your team needs quality help in any of these areas, contact DMS Software today.

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