Call a DMS Software consultant if you need help bringing your software quality up to where it should be.  By managing the way your team creates software, your company can improve quality, customer satisfaction and ultimately profits.

Architecture Review

DMS Software specializes in large scale Architecture. Our Consultants can help your team find and fix Architecture problems early. Click here to learn more.

SDLC Refinements

DMS Software Consultants can help your team create and effective SDLC. Click here to learn more.

Debugging tough defects

DMS Software Consultants can help your team track down the most elusive of defects. We have decades of experience working on the most complex, large scale UNIX software systems in industry.  Memory corruption, race conditions, deadlocking, unexpected serialization, random crashes, we have seen and fixed it all.  With our expertise and your dedicated team, your software quality will rapidly improve.

Performance, scalability and latency  issues
When we combine your team’s application expertise with our knowledge of software performance, scalability and latency, we can have an immediate, positive impact on your software project.

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