Memory Leak

Memory leaks are a common problem in large UNIX software systems written in C/C++. A memory leak occurs when all valid pointers to a block in the heap are lost. Once a large number of blocks are lost, a program may run out of memory or start page thrashing. DMS Software created our Leak Check tool to help solve the memory leak issue.

DMS Software has worked with many large companies to find memory leaks in Production environments. Unlike other tools, Leak Check can be used against the unmodified executable thus Leak Check can be deployed in Production environments.

In one particular case, Leak Check was used to find a memory leak in an active cellular network. With actual phone calls occurring, Leak Check was able to determine where a repetitive leak was occurring and give a crucial report. With this information, our client’s programmers were able to easily fix the error. As a result, the cell network was more stable and client satisfaction with increased.

We can help with your tough memory leak issues, contact us today.

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